Pokémon Go APK

Pokémon Go APK

Pokémon Go APK

Today we will tell you about the most famous and trending video game Pokémon go APK. Actually the Pokémon go is an augmented reality and location based game. The Pokémon go game is a mobile friendly game moreover it’s developed and published by Niantic The Pokémon Company. In the beginning the Pokémon go game released only specific countries in July 2016 and after the few next month released on other regions areas.

Basically the Pokémon GO APK game uses the mobile device GPS to locate, battle, capture, and train other virtual creation that which appear if they are in the player’s looks like a real world location.  Pokémon GO is completely free to play game and it’s also uses a fermium business model and support in-app purchases for additional in-game items. Later on in 2018 the developer increases the game species 300 to 420.

People love to play the Pokémon go game this game was one of the most profitable mobile played game in 2016 and the Pokémon go has been broken too many records also downloaded more than 500 million times globally but the developer announced in 2018 this game has been downloaded over 800 million times worldwide and the user of this game had crossed 147 million after a next few month the Pokémon go game has been grossed over 3 billion dollar revenue globally.

The most interesting thing is that when you move within their real location place, your Pokémon Go game avatar that you created move within the game’s map. But most imported thing is that if you want to explore the game’s map and go Poke Stops you must have to travel physically every time.

Pokémon Go APK Game Specification

Game Developer Niantic The Pokémon Company
Publisher Name Niantic
Director Name Tatsuo Nomura
Artist Dennis Hwang
Composer Name Junichi Masuda
Series Pokémon
Engine Unity
Platform iOS, Android
Release July 6, 2016
Genre Augmented reality, Location-Based Game


Basically the Pokémon Go APK game is a reality and location-based game and it’s very easy to play for user first you just have to create a game account and sign in after that you can also customize and create your own beautiful avatars. Once you have done and it showed on a map based on the player’s living location area.


Previous Versions of Pokémon Go APK Game

There are many previous versions list have given below.

Versions Size
Pokémon GO version 0.29.0 58.06 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.31.0 60.71 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.39.0 76.48 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.41.3 76.96 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.43.4 87.69 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.49.1 88.31 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.53.2 82.86 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.57.3 86.34 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.59.2 88.86 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.64.4 85.93 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.69.0 96.61 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.73.1 82.39 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.77.1 82.29 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.81.1 92.88 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.83.3 87.46 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.87.5 89.65 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.91.2  89.69 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.95.3 87.37 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.101.0 92.09 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.103.3 83.47 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.105.1 83.81 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.109.2 85.47 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.111.4 81.63 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.117.2 81.66 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.119.2 82.17 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.119.4 82.08 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.123.2 84.12 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.127.1 86.46 MB
Pokémon GO version 0. 127.2 86.44 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.129.2 88.36 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.131.3 94.58 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.131.4 95.16 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.131.2 94.46 MB
Pokémon GO version 0.131.1 95.04 MB


Pokémon GO MOD APK

The Pokémon Go game is not difficult to play you just download Pokémon Go MOD APK file and install it on your devices and run it. Here are many features of Pokémon Go MOD APK game you can added joystick but you do not change you location more than 10KM and also you do not move more than 20KMph. We will provide you Pokémon Go Mod APK game link you can download only just one single click and without any cost.

Pokémon Go APK Downloads and Revenue

We all know that Pokémon Go game is a very famous game nowadays game lover completely addicted and most imported in USA IOS App Store ‘Top Grossing’ and free charts. This game most trending on the Google App Store and also Pokémon go beating Clash Royal game and became the most downloaded game of any App Store in their early days and broke many records. According to similar website this game was installed more than 5% of Android devices in America only just two days of released. The Pokémon go game had been downloaded 15 Million times globally in July 13 date.

After one month of released on August 8, this game got over 100 Million downloads on Google Play store that is unreliable and milestone. According to Sensor Tower this game crossed more than 200$ Million revenue worldwide in the same month.

According to Financial Time on the United State, United Kingdom and German market the Pokémon go game grossed 268 Million Dollar after just only five weeks released. Now we will tell about the top 5 countries where the Pokémon go game got huge response and downloaded too high. On the position as you know America (21%) and the second one is Brazil (9.3%) Third one is India (8.6%) Fourth is Mexico (5.5%) and the 5th one is Indonesia (5%). The final report about the Pokémon Go game profit according to the Apptopia is that this game earned more than 2 Million Dollar in September, 2018.

Pokémon GO Game Awards:

Award Category Result
BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2016 Best Game Won
The Game Awards 2016 Best Mobile/Handheld Game Won
Best Family Game Won
Golden Joystick Awards 2016 Innovation of the Year Won
Handheld/Mobile Game of the Year Won
2016 Tech Raptor Awards Best Mobile/Handheld Game Won
Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences 20th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards 2016 Game of the Year Nominated
Mobile Game of the Year Won
New York Game Critic Awards A-Train Award for Best Mobile Game Won
Central Park Zoo Award for Best Kids Game Won
Game Developers Choice Awards 2016 Best Mobile/Handheld Game Nominated
Innovation Award Nominated
2017 SXSW Gaming Awards Mobile Game of the Year Nominated
Excellence in Technical Achievements Nominated
13th British Academy Games Awards Family


Game Innovation


Mobile     Won


Pokémon Go APK Download

As you know Pokémon Go APK Download game has broken many records and people in around 35 plus countries are completely addicted over the latest installment in the Pokémon franchise which is a game called Pokémon go game. This game received response unexpectedly huge and overwhelming from the people.

Now we will provide you the direct link of Pokémon Go APK download game file at the end of this post. You just click the download button below and download your favorite Pokémon go APK download file on your device.

Pokémon Go Game APK Permissions:

Pokémon GO Game requires following permissions on your device.

  • You can access precise location.
  • You can access approximate location.
  • You can write to external storage.
  • You can access information about Wi-Fi networks.
  • You can open network sockets.
  • You can access to the vibrator.
  • You can access the camera device.
  • You can connect to paired Bluetooth devices.
  • You can discover and pair Bluetooth devices.
  • You can make list of accounts in the Accounts Service.
  • You can access information about networks.
  • You can prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • You can read from external storage.

Pokémon Go hack

Here we have some great news for you! There are some hacks and cheats against the Pokémon Go hack. Many people start doing them, and it creates a huge cycle. They also would you banned. Bans come in waves every month but now they have been joined by “Slashing” which put line and Pokémon make them useless in Gym and battles. We will provide you all information about that how you can do Pokémon Go hack game. Pokémon GO is the global game sensation which is download around the world more than 800 million times and also called the best game for mobile devices and also the winning award “Best application of the year” by Tech Crunch.

Pokémon Go Promo Code

Pokémon Go is the first game in the franchise of Pokémon which is landed on Android. But now we will talk about Pokémon Go Promo Code allow users to receive a bonus of the application from their special promotion. Pokémon go promo code was added in 2017. Now Promo code is only available for the android device due to the limitations of the Apple Store. We update Pokémon go promo code when released worldwide so keep visiting here to access latest promo code. The code varies from being used once or sometimes code is redeemable means it can be used by anyone for some time after that it’s locked after a certain number of users.

Pokémon GO APK Game Detail:

Game Name Pokémon GO
Version 0.131.2 (2018121000)
File Size 94.5 MB
Package name com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Updated December 14, 2018
Minimum Android version Required Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
MD5 65543e0aebf432e84a34560e07d5d3bf
SHA1 627ed48f9d7c0e54a2f3496f0d874940af3729d2
Price Free
SHA1 627ed48f9d7c0e54a2f3496f0d874940af3729d2
Rating 4.5/5
Downloads 25M – 50M Plus
Language English
Category Augmented Reality & Location-Based , Adventures


Pokémon Go Community Day

Niantic Labs announce the community day of Pokémon GO which will be held on Feb 2019. Feb is very quickly approaching its mean you should be ready for another Pokémon Go community day. Niantic the developer of Pokémon announced that community day is going to held on Feb 16.  In this Pokémon community day developers are focusing on water type Pokémon.

How to Download Free Pokémon GO APK Game:

Well first of all as you know Pokémon Go game is a trending game nowadays and everybody want a play and love it so in the end of this post we will provide you direct and virus free link without any cost the link have given blow just click the button below download and save on your favorite folder in file manager.


How to install Pokémon GO APK Game:

After downloaded Pokémon go APK game file click on APK file and follow the instruction step by step and complete the installation procedure of Pokémon go APK game and enjoy while you play. If you face any issue during installation process drop down you comment below we will solve you issue as soon as possible. Now the game is ready to play.

Pokémon Go Tracker

Well we all know that Pokémon go game gained hug popularity in such a little time. Now we tell you about the user friendly Pokémon Go tracker. This tracker uses multiple scanners to track the Pokémon. You can also use a filter to get a Pokémon notification. In this Pokémon go tracker you can select the option to set the notification based on the distance of the locality in meters.

A Pokémon go tracker user also has the option of sharing the location area of Pokémon with friends. Pokémon in the vicinity can be identified in the map easily. You can download Pokémon Go tracker on our website.

Pokémon Go APK Mirror

Pokémon go is the worldwide gaming sensation that has been downloaded more than 850 Million times and this game also have achieved many awards globally. As we all know that APK Mirror is most popular website where you can find latest APK games, APK App and other APK files. Pokémon go APK mirror link also available on our website you can download only just one single click.

Pokémon Go Game Download For PC

Alright If you fed up of walking all over the place to play Pokémon go game don’t worry the problem is solved. Now Pokémon go game download for pc is available you can play comfortably on your computer or laptop and hunt Pokémon’s. However, by means of Android emulator for Windows of the likes of Bluestacks and the APK files for Android devices, you can play easily and comfortable at home.

The interesting thing is that the Pokémon go game download for pc file is available on our website you can download it and save it on your system install it and enjoy while you play game at your own home.

Pokémon GO APK Latest Version

The Pokémon go game gained a hug success and this game released around 2016 and be a hot topic all around the world. Now the Pokémon Go APK latest version available on our website so you can download for you android device and start installation process and now your Pokémon game is ready to play. Actually people love to play Pokémon Go APK latest version and fully addicted. However, many people see it as negatively and others are in the opposite.


The direct download link has given below click on the download button and enjoy.


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