PIFRA Budget

PIFRA Budget

PIFRA budget invariably proclaimed by the ministry of finance. The PIFRA department pays all government staff. Therefore the government proclaimed a budget each year for PIFRA for causing wages to their staff.

Pifra budget typically in eight figures. And this is often a small amount high because it contains all wages.

Pifra salary slip account — the way to modification Email ID?

If your email address isn’t valid otherwise you don’t have access to your email any longer that you simply have entered whereas PIFRA registration. Don’t worry; you have got 2 ways that to type it out.

Either you’ll be able to email PIFRA at unsubscribe@pifra.gov.pk, which can take some desire to get a response. And therefore the alternative quick means is to decision them directly.

You can decision them at 051–9107248; they’re going to raise some queries for security and verification. Then you’ll be able to request them to alter your email ID, and it’ll be modified before long.

All Setup

Fill out the entire type with fastidiously swing knowledge that to supply already to the department

All Province (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Sarhad, (KPK)Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, Gilgat)

The Employee ought to be a member of the govt. Department

The Employee has its Personal variety

New CNIC variety

Date of Birth

Mobile variety

Gmail Address

Free transfer on-line Pifra Payroll regular payment here and Government staff regular payment on-line produce Account assist you for Govt staff regular payment Slips transfer.

Pifra Abbreviation (Project to enhance money coverage and Auditing)

Now you’ll be able to simply create account Pifra regular payment slip on-line and Pifra Asian country. Now PIFRA web site links with FABS (Financial Accounting and Budgeting System).FABS providing pay slip online free registration and Pifra payroll regular payment Slip. It gives United States of America data the way to produce Pifra email registration method,pifra email registration for Govt lecturers, free transfer Govt worker Pifra regular payment slip online, however, will check in Pifra web site for regular payment slip and lecturers regular payment Pay Slip Email Register method.

First, you have got to receive your worker code or personal variety that is sometimes associate eight digit code. It’s provided by (district) account workplace of your involved department. Some staff gets the non-public variety at intervals 1st-month others can get as before long as they get their 1st regular payment in their checking account. Once you have got received your 1st regular payment, you’ll be able to rise at account workplace for your worker code and eight digit code.

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