Perhaps Why Swimmers Swim Bad

Perhaps Why Swimmers Swim Bad

Experts agree that swim technique is the first step to getting faster in the pool. Through a small survey to about 25 different swim coaches across Lifeguard certificate the world and across swimming sectors (club, triathlete, master, college, high school), I realized that there is a huge need for private instruction, but not many opportunities to do it.

Here is some of the feedback from the coaches surveyed:

Average # of people coached: 80
# of people needing private instruction: 100%
# of people coaches believe will pay for instruction: 95%
Average cost per minute for coaching services: $1 per minute (ex. $60 for 60 minutes)

That means you could be making hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars a month by simply organizing a few swim clinics!

The problem is that many coaches are only hosting an average of 2 swim clinics a year. Only 2 A YEAR! That means they are missing a great opportunity to make extra money and train more swimmers. We all know that a swim coach cannot give close attention to each individual swimmer in high a volume team workout, which is why small private swim clinics are so valuable. According to the coaches surveyed, they believe athletes are willing to pay for these services and pay well!

Despite this interest, many swimmers and triathletes continue to have bad technique. It’s not that they don’t want or can’t afford private instruction. It’s that the opportunities for one on one instruction with a swim coach are difficult to find. The swimmers WILL get results and you WILL make extra money if you simply give them the opportunity.

Here’s an example: A month ago I coached two youth club swimmers for an hour and told them to change a couple things with their stroke and turns. From that one session, both of them dropped 5 to 15 seconds per event and qualified for a meet they wanted to attend. The kids were stoked and the parents were ecstatic. We just have to give people the opportunity to get instruction so they can break bad habits and improve their skills. What good is a doctor if they aren’t willing to find out what is wrong with a patient and prescribe solutions to the problem?

I hope this encourages you to get your athletes to sign up for Swim Coach Finder Lifeguard certificate and promote your services. That way they can easily request and pay for your services through the Swim Coach Finder community. Its that simple!

Swim Coach Finder is going to help you in several ways.

First:, 90% of the coaches we surveyed said that they “want and need ideas to promote swim clinics.” We are going to provide you with ideas through our weekly blog and offer new ideas on how to promote more clinics every month to your existing swimmers and others outside your client base.

Second, 90% of the swim coaches we surveyed said that they “want and need marketing materials to promote swim clinics.” Swim Coach Finder will provide you with a template to create monthly flyers that you can either email or pass out to your team.

Third, 70% of coaches said they would like to participate in a contest competing against other swim coaches. Swim Coach Finder is going to have monthly contests for our coaches to have some competitive fun.

We hope that you will help partner with us by having your swimmers sign up to request your services through Swim Coach Finder. We believe that swim coaches can leverage our social network with your contacts and the result will be faster swimmers, more money in your pocket, and hopefully more records broken.


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