A family conflict is a delicate situation for those involved. These are difficult issues that often cannot wait for a court decision to unfold. The family mediation plays a decisive role in resolving these issues.

The UK Family Bristol mediation services may be the best way to solve family problems. When relatives quarrel, or when a marriage comes to an end, communication is invariably impaired. Many feelings surface and the dialogue is compromised. And when there is no dialogue, there is no understanding. This is where mediation can help.

Mediation in Separations and Divorces

The truth is that the family has experienced countless changes throughout history and the wife is no longer as dependent on her husband as she once was. This, by the way, is often the one who makes the decision for divorce. However, separations and divorces involve much more than simple paperwork; They involve feelings, possessions, and often the greatest fruit of a relationship, the children. It is at this point that the proper handling of conflicts is critical so that neither party harms themselves and especially their close relatives.

The family mediation process is a healthier alternative to these situations. Its purpose is not to reconcile a couple in crisis, but to establish a means of communication that avoids the hassles of a court battle, it is a way of helping the couple to separate, so that they can negotiate their disagreements, directing their divorce or separation in such a way that may continue to take care of their children, for the parental relationship will never be extinguished: The marital couple will cease to exist, but will continue to be parents forever.

It is when the relationship comes to an end that a number of social and emotional issues arise. Rarely are both parties making the decision to end the relationship, most of the time the decision has been unilateral, and there are still issues surrounding the separation that may contribute to the emotional impairment of the couple and the parent, such as : Who will take care of the children; division of goods; division of parental responsibilities, who will have possession of the parental domicile; etc.

“Mediation goes further, seeking the causes of the conflict, to remedy the human suffering that comes from the couple and their descendants. The goal is to avoid escalating family conflict that is not always extinguished with the mere top-down agreement. Through the mediation sessions, the couple is called to be responsible for the reunion, so as to preserve the coexistence, if not of the conjugal society, of separated people who are aware of the effects that inexorably come from the broken society”.

Mediation offers the separated couple the opportunity to peacefully rearrange their parenting relationships. It gives the couple an awareness of their rights and duties among themselves and their relatives even after the breakup. From the dialogue established between the couple, it will restore the trust and respect lost by the conflict. Thus, the search for a solution and the continuity of a good relationship can be established.

Some benefits of family mediation:

  • It’s faster than a lawsuit
  • Search for solutions through dialogue
  • Preserves relationship between stakeholders
  • Prevents blocking assets and financial losses
  • It’s cheaper than lawsuits
  • Prevents further emotional distress from occurring

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