Abroad study: is your kid lonely, anxious and homesick?

Abroad study: is your kid lonely, anxious and homesick?


Going to abroad to study, your kids will be full of excitement, curiosity and expectation in the first few days, but quickly it is followed by the pressure of academy and self-independent life in an exotic country. They enter the adaptation period, feeling anxious and tense and uneasy. What should your kids do to well go through this phase?

The problems a student in a foreign country faces

  1. In study

Language proficiency is undoubtedly the first difficulty encountered by new students when they’ve first been abroad. English is not their mother tongue. Even if they get a high language test scores, there are still many problems in the actual life, such as the pronunciation accent of the teacher, slow response when listening the English lecture, and poor writing ability when doing homework. These problems may affect your kid’s passion and confidence in study.

  1. In life

Because of the language barrier and cultural shock, they may don’t know how to get along with students from different countries, which has caused them, as the international student, to feel lonely and helpless. They may separate themself from the group, staying indoors and not willing to interact with people. They may rarely participate in alumni associations and other social activities.

The second biggest problem in life is different eating habits. They miss the dishes in their home country. They will find the foreign meals are not agreeable to appetite and stomach. They even would rather bear hungry than eat the dreadful food in the foreign country. In such a situation, they get more weak…

  1. In psychology

it is like a fish living in the water when they lives in their own cultural environment. Once they leave familiar environment and come to a new country, they will suddenly realize the differences. Their original conception and custom are not accepted by the new country’s people. They begin feel uneasy, uncomfortable, and insecure.


How to smoothly go through the adaptation phase

Be fully prepared physically and psychologically before the overseas study trip.  Solve the adaptation problems positively.

Essential items for study abroad: worthwhile to see!

  1. Have a moderate expectationfor abroad study.

Abroad study means struggle, hard work, and progress. It is not the time of enjoying their life. Before going abroad, they need to have such a mindset that studying abroad alone is not as wonderful as they thought before. It is better to take precautions than to take measures after problems has occurred. The psychological preparation is necessary before their departure. Your kids should objectively accept the difficulties in studying abroad duration.

  1. Have an effective learning method.

What to do if your kids have difficulty in following the lecturer’s lessons? The most effective resolution is to preview. Before each class, the teacher will send the lesson curriculum to the students in advance, and the important knowledge points are marked clearly in textbook. Early preparation can help them better understand the course content. In the case of language disadvantages, preview helps them keep up with the teacher’s rhythm during class.

Students who have difficulty in lesson listening can record the lecturer’s voice and listen to it repeatedly after class.


In addition, if they encounter problems that they cannot understand anyhow, they should ask for help in time. Write emails to the teacher after class or to discuss with classmates. Don’t feel embarrassed to trouble the teacher and classmates. It is very necessary to have proper communication with them, letting them know their situation.

Moreover, enhance self-learning ability. Use the various learning resources and facilities (internet PC and libraries) to look up for answers. Develop thinking mindset and solve problems on their own.

  1. 3. Enrich out-of-class life.

A person in a foreign country, he feels lonely, nervous, anxious, homesick… These emotions are normal, while blindly get themself immersed in those emotions, they will only become more and more depressed.

Face up to this emotion and learn to digest it themself. they should do something to divert their negative emotions. Try to exercise, watch movies, go shopping, learn more about the local people’s living habits, experience different cultural atmospheres, and accept the impact and collision of culture!

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